AAA Battery Service


Our AAA Battery Service provides mobile battery testing, boosting and replacement service that eliminates hassles, is fast and convenient and helps you save precious time. As part of our “On the Go” service we provide battery delivery and installation at home, work or other convenient locations. We can service any vehicle, at any time. Each battery comes with a competitive AAA nationwide warranty.

Battery Service Benefits!

  • Convenient mobile service that comes to you Testing of the battery, starting, and charging systems
  • A high-quality AAA branded Interstate Battery that meets or exceeds your vehicle manufacturer’s specifications
  • A six-year limited warranty with a three-year free replacement period
  • Mobile warranty service that comes to you available throughout the U.S. and Canada
  • Safe disposal and recycling of your old battery
  • If a AAA Member, the battery roadside assistance call is not charged against your membership

Why do batteries fail?

A battery for your car is like the heart for your body. When it stops you stop. Today’s vehicles are far more electronic and computerized. These systems put more demand on your vehicles electrical system and make the battery an even more vital component. Because of this, it is more difficult to identify symptoms of failing batteries in today’s automobile. The best way to determine if your battery is failing is to have the battery and charging system tested by a trained technician. This is what we do!

  • The life expectancy of the average vehicle battery is three to four years.
  • Key factors that affect a battery’s performance are age, vibration, poor maintenance and extreme temperature.
  • Some of the potential symptoms of a failing battery are:
    • The motor turns over slowly when starting the vehicle
    • Clicking noises when turning the key or the interior lights start to dim

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